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Captivating world of my music
intriguing blend of dark and gloomy tones
surprisingly warmed by an unexpected coziness

prone to melancholy 

Mechanic Membrane - Human feat. Cyril Awakens

Mechanic Membrane- Queen’s Funeral

Mechanic Membrane - Lucid


Life has been a mix of gigs in cozy venues and huddling in studios, trying to make sense of sound. While I can strum a guitar and dabble in sound design, I'm still learning every day. It's not just about refining technique but understanding the nuances of emotion woven into each note. With every project, I peel back another layer, uncovering the subtleties that make music a language of its own. The more I discover, the more there is to learn. It's the real-world experiences that have shaped my identity as a musical maverick.

My studio in Alppila, Helsinki,  my creative haven, is both a playground and a sanctuary. Here, amidst the tapestries of soundproofing and the soft glow of equipment, ideas take flight like vibrant notes eager to find their place in the composition of my imagination.
Like in the simple act of crafting a meal, I discover a culinary canvas where flavors and textures harmonize. The process of cooking, much like composing a melody, is a blend of intuition and technique—a moment of expression.

Step into the world of sound that I've crafted, where the notes of nature and the harmonies of human connection converge to create a unique tapestry of inspiration. I'm Samuli Kivelä, a musician, sound designer, and culinary enthusiast, inviting you to explore the vibrant threads that weave through my creative journey. Music is a playground where sound becomes art, and each note resonates with the stories of exploration and experimentation. Nature, with its boundless beauty, provides the palette, and the incredible people around me infuse the melody with diverse rhythms. As someone who finds joy in crafting not only musical compositions but also culinary delights, it’s all a celebration of the creative process in all its forms. Whether I'm strumming strings, diving into sound design, or experimenting in the kitchen, each endeavor is an expression of the rich tapestry that life weaves. Join me in this exploration of sound, flavor, and shared moments. Let's embark on a journey where inspiration knows no bounds, and creativity becomes a shared language. Whether you're here for the tunes, the stories, or the flavors, your presence adds a unique note to this ongoing composition.




If you're up for some collaborative harmony, or just want to share a musical moment, I'm here.  Let's break the mold and create something extraordinary together.
Or do you need a  guitar mentor?
Whether you're a total beginner or shredding maestro, hit me up! I'm all about making guitar lessons a vibe, no matter where you're at in your musical journey.



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    For many years, I've been involved in lots of music projects, some of which continue to thrive. These ventures are more than just creative outlets; they're wellsprings of joy, inspiration, good times, and crucial opportunities for refining my musical skills. As a guitarist and synthesizer enthusiast, each project becomes a unique canvas where strings and electronic pulses converge in a harmonious exploration of sound.

    1.  Surrealiisa
    2.  L’Boyzzz
    3.  Serot
    4.  Why So Shy
    5.  Soft Hammers
    6.  Mechanic Membrane
    7.  Sepi Kumpulainen Band

    +358 40 082 1509
    00170 Helsinki, Finland

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